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Lulu group chairman pays AED 500k to save Indian expat on death row

Becks Krishnan, a 45-year-old Indian expat who was sentenced to death in the United Arab Emirates for causing the death of a young Sudanese boy in a traffic accident, can now see the outside of his prison cell after the intervention of NRI businessman M.A. Yusuf Ali, chairman of the Lulu Group.

Krishnan was sentenced to death by UAE’s Federal Supreme Court. He was found guilty of killing a young Sudanese boy when he recklessly drove his car and rammed a group of children in September 2012.

Since then, his family and friends have been relentlessly trying for Krishnan’s release without any success, especially as the victim’s family had already gone back and settled in Sudan, putting an end to any kind of discussion or pardon.

In a final attempt, Krishnan’s family approached Yusuff Ali, who began gathering information about the case and contacting all stakeholders. Yusuf Ali once flew down the victim’s family from Sudan to Abu Dhabi for a month in order to negotiate a compensation amount and secure Krishnan’s pardon.

Finally, in January of this year, the victim’s family agreed to pardon Krishnan, and Yusuff Ali paid the victim’s family AED 500,000 in compensation to secure Krishnan’s early release.


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