Hajj 2024: Entry Permit Required for Residents Entering Makkah

By Mohammed Ameen

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Hajj 2024: Entry Permit Required for Residents Entering Makkah

Changes in Entry Requirements

Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Public Security has announced the enforcement of regulations for Hajj, mandating that residents seeking entry into Makkah must obtain a permit. This rule will come into effect tomorrow, Saturday, May 4, 2024. Individuals without a valid entry permit will be denied access at security checkpoints leading to the holy city.

Compliance with Hajj Regulations

The regulations for Hajj 2024 require individuals entering the holy sites to possess an entry permit issued by the competent authority, a resident identity card issued in Makkah, an Umrah permit, or a Hajj permit.

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Issuing Entry Permits

The General Directorate of Passports has initiated the process of electronically issuing entry permits to Makkah. Residents working during the Hajj season can apply through the Ministry of Interior’s electronic platform “Absher” and the Muqeem portal. This digital process eliminates the need for physical visits to Passport Departments.

Absher Platform for Permit Issuance

The Absher platform facilitates the issuance of permits for domestic workers, dependents, premium residency holders, investors, and visitors. Applicants can submit the necessary documents online for permit approval.

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Muqeem Portal for Workers and Contractors

The Muqeem electronic portal caters to workers in establishments located in Makkah, seasonal work visa holders, and contractors registered in the Ajeer system. This portal streamlines the issuance of permits for individuals working during the Hajj season.

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By adhering to this regulation and utilizing the digital platforms for permit issuance, residents can ensure a smooth entry process into Makkah during the upcoming Hajj season.