Ministry of Health Issues Coronavirus Awareness Guide in Several Languages

The Ministry of Health has issued an awareness guide in various languages, targeting citizens and expatriates, to increase awareness of precautions needed to prevent coronavirus and the dangers of not following educational advice.

The awareness guides can be accessible in the following languages. Click on a specific language to download it.

This is part of the Ministry’s continuing awareness messages to counter the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

The guide also included a definition of the new virus, its transmission methods, symptoms of infection, how to prevent (Covid-19) infection, the correct way to wash hands and the importance of sterilization, wrong behavior, advice when respiratory symptoms appear, and the correct time and way to wear a mask, in addition to home quarantine procedures, and travel instructions at the time of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

It also included a set of common questions about the novel coronavirus and its answer.

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