Saudi Arabia

Missing Saudi man found dead in desert in ‘Sujood’ position

A Saudi man who had been missing for three days was found dead in the middle of a desert in Riyadh Province while he was in a “Sujood” or prostration prayer position, reports local media.

40 year old Dhuwaihi Hamoud al-Ajaleen, who was driving a pickup, went missing on Thursday in Riyadh’s Wadi al-Dawasir.

After a loss of contact, the family of the missing man filed a man-missing complaint with Wadi Al Dawasir police.

The rescue team then began a wide-scale search using four-wheel-drive vehicles and gliders. His body was found a few metres away from his vehicle.

The truck was loaded with sticks indicating he was collecting wood for his family when he went missing.

Prayers poured into social media platforms after a video of Al Ajaleen, who died in Sujood, went viral.