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Using Mobile Phone While Driving and Smoking at Fuel Station Will Be Fined

Motorists found texting, talking on mobile phones and lighting a cigarette or throwing its butt while refueling tanks at gas stations will be fined, according to the Civil Defense in Madinah. It said motorists should turn off their car engines while refueling otherwise this will also be considered a safety violation.

Maj. Sami Al-Jahdali, director of the department of safety and security of the Civil Defense, said ignoring the safety guidelines and instructions clearly written at gas stations will endanger the lives of people.

Jahdali said all gas stations should display safety guidelines and instructions in places which could easily be seen by motorists.

He said gas stations should also use illustrations to highlight the dangers of neglecting safety measures.

“Any gas station which violates safety and security measures will be penalized,” he warned.

Jahdali said the amount of the financial fines will be according to the seriousness of the violation and/or its repetition.

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