MOLSaudi Labor Law

Heavy Fine to Employer on Providing False Information

An employer supplying false information about his establishment to get new labor visas issued or for any other service of the ministry shall pay a fine of SR25,000, according to a recent ministerial order.

The order issued by the Minister of Labor and Social Development Ali Al-Ghafiz listed 67 types of violations of labor regulations carrying fines ranging between SR25,000 to SR1000. The statement of penal measures accompanied the minister’s order restricting the work at sales counters of 12 businesses and occupations to Saudi citizens including women starting from Sept. this year. The move aims to enable Saudis to work and raise their participation rates in the private sector.

The order stated that anyone who appoints Saudi workers without the ministry’s permit shall close down his establishment and pay a fine of SR10,000. The same punishment will be meted out to anyone serving as an agent for the import of foreign laborers or undertaking labor supply without the ministry’s valid license or a person allowing another person to use his license.

A fine of SR5000 shall be paid by an employer if does not maintain registers with details of his workers such as names, wages, and their attendance and departure. Any employer refusing to give a service certificate to a worker or giving a certificate that may harm the worker’s good reputation or reduce his employment opportunities will also be fined SR5000.

The employer will be fined SR10,000 if he forces his worker to pay the fees or expenses to be met by the employer.

The employer shall pay a fine of SR1000 if a woman worker under him does not follow the hijab dress code at the work place, the order said.

Source: Al Bilad Daily