Muroor Launches New Automatic Traffic Violations Surveillance System

On Sunday, June 4, 2023 the General Directorate of Traffic (Muroor) in Saudi Arabia started automatic surveillance that targets three significant traffic violations. This implementation of a cutting-edge monitoring system marks a major step forward in enhancing road safety across the Kingdom by stringently tracking driver behavior.

Understanding the New Automated Surveillance Measures

The newly installed surveillance measures will concentrate on:

  • Heavy-duty trucks and equipment not abiding by the right lane rules on multi-lane roads.
  • Motorists neglecting to use appropriate lights during night driving or under changing weather conditions that result in decreased visibility.
  • Unlawful driving on footpaths or pedestrian-only areas where vehicles are forbidden.
Saudi Arabia's Muroor Launches New Automatic Traffic Violations Surveillance System

This strategic move showcases Muroor’s determination to reinforce traffic regulation and heighten road safety in urban and rural areas alike.

Muroor’s Endeavor to Automate Traffic Violations Monitoring

The implementation of this system is not a first from Muroor. The director general of Public Security, Lt. Gen. Muhammad Al Bassami, has previously announced the digital automation of seven traffic violations. Besides the aforementioned infractions, the scope of automatic surveillance will extend to:

  • Violation of traffic rules on the road.
  • Operating vehicles with obscured or damaged license plates.
  • Skipping the check station that measures the size and weight of transportation vehicles
  • Wrongful parking in areas not allocated for such use.

The General Traffic Department and the Special Forces for Road Security have been given the responsibility to oversee this comprehensive surveillance.

Upholding Road Safety and Discouraging Misconduct

The expansion of this automatic surveillance is aimed at elevating the standard of traffic control and safety while curbing unsatisfactory behaviour on public highways. Muroor, through this focused effort, seeks to maintain a safe and orderly road environment for all users and hold rule-breaking drivers to account.

This new measure is anticipated to boost public safety, restore discipline on roads, and significantly contribute to the welfare of the Kingdom’s residents. With the dawn of this automated traffic supervision era, it is hoped that compliance will rise and violations will drop, leading to a safer and more responsible culture of road use for everyone.

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