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New Labor Law Amendments 2019: Sr 50,000 Penalty for Selling Work Visas

The Minister for Labor and Social Development, Ahmed Al-Rajhi, has approved new amendments to the Labor Law. According to the new regulations, the following are important violations and penalties for employers.

[1] A fine of SR 50,000 will be applied to those who are found involved in selling work visas or act as brokers in the sale of visas. The fine will be multiplied by the number of workers who took advantage of the visas.

[2] According to the new regulations, a fine of SR 10,000 will be imposed on employers who allow a non-Saudi employee to work in a profession other than listed in his work permit.

[3]  Those who (Owners) provide incorrect information or data to the ministry in order to get any services or privileges or work visas from the ministry will be slapped with a fine of SR 25,000.

[4]  A fine of SR 3,000 will be imposed for non-payment of wages on the due dates.

[5] There will be a fine of SR 10,000 when a firm fails to comply with the regulations with regard to allowing employees to avail of their scheduled vacation.

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