New Moon Sighting System From Next Year

New Moon Sighting System in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia will adopt a new moon sighting system next year to detect Ramadan and Shawwal Crescent, a Saudi media organisation reported.

“As of next Ramadan, the new clock tower in Makkah will be an Islamic observatory for citizens, through which we will be able to spot Ramadan, Shawwal and other months crescents, as it will have a collection of advanced telescopes,” Yaseen Maliki, supervisor of Chair of King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz was quoted as saying inĀ Al Bayan.

Clock Tower, Makkah

“It will contribute to global space agencies and will be the first observatory of the Islamic world. the tower will be monitoring next year both theĀ Ramadan and Shawwal moons, making it the first integrated observatory launched by Makkah,” he added.