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Taxi Uniforms in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Approved Taxi Uniforms

The Transport General Authority (TGA) of Saudi Arabia said that starting July 12, 2022, drivers of public transport, airport taxis, private taxis, and drivers of passenger transport apps such as Uber, and Careem will all have to wear a uniform. In this blog post, we will explain the new dress code for male and female drivers.

Uniforms for Men

According to new rules, male taxi drivers must wear a long-sleeved grey shirt, pants, and a black belt with their ID card. Other male drivers are required to wear a national dress or a shirt and pants. In addition, when necessary, one may choose to wear a jacket or coat.

Uniforms for Women

As per the new rules, female drivers must wear either an abaya or a shirt and pants along with a jacket or a coat.

What is the aim of this new decision?

This new decision aims to improve the overall appearance, increase the quality of the services provided, and align itself with regulations concerning public decency.

Penalty for not wearing uniforms

The authorities said that drivers who do not wear a uniform will be fined SAR 500.


Starting July 12, 2022, male and female drivers of public transportation, airport taxis, private taxis, as well as drivers of passenger transport apps like Uber and Careem will have to wear a uniform. We hope you found this article useful in understanding the new uniform dress regulations for taxi drivers in Saudi Arabia. Thank you for your time.

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