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No Blood Money for Victims of Makkah Crane Crash in 2015

Makkah’s Supreme Court on Sunday ruled that victims and affectees of the 2015 crane crash at the Grand Mosque, which resulted in the deaths of at least 109 people, would not receive any blood money or compensation, the Saudi Gazette reported.

The court ruled that none of the damages to human life or property at the Grand Mosque would be compensated as the disaster was caused by natural reasons without any human element behind it.

Earlier in October, the court acquitted all 13 employees of the Binladen Group who were charged with negligence, observing that they were not criminally responsible for the incident.

A massive construction crane crashed into Makkah’s Grand Mosque in September 2015, killing 109 people, less than a fortnight before Haj was supposed to start.

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