No entry to makkah

Authorities in Makkah have issued a warning that people without hajj permits would not be allowed to enter Makkah from the Shawwal 25 (June 28, 2019) until Dhul Hijja 10, the Saudi Gazette reported.

The ban also includes those visiting the holy city via the Haramain Train.

However, those who are exempt from the ban must obtain travel permits from the relevant authorities.

The ban takes place every year at the gateway to Makkah and it applies to all modes of transport including cars, buses and trucks and the Haramain Train has been added for the first time this year.

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Amr El-Henawy

Does this apply to residents?


Does it applies to visit visa persons


Is it applied to the people on umrah visa also, in case if they are in jeddah and want to go back to makkah after 28 june?


I am makkah residents its possible to travel Jeddah Makkah