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No Ramadan Pardon for These 29 Crimes

Saudi Arabia will release eligible prisoners as part of its annual pardon in the holy month of Ramadan.

Saudi prisoners who fulfill the conditions for pardons will be released immediately. Expatriate prisoners, who have completed their prison terms or have been pardoned but cannot be released unless they settle their fines, can be pardoned for fines not exceeding SR 500,000.

However, 29 categories of crimes in Saudi Arabia will not be pardoned, according to principles and directives for the annual pardon. 

The offenses involving state security, incitement impacting national cohesion, murder, black magic, sorcery, human trafficking, torturing children, violence against people with special needs, cheating, cover-up (tasattur) and  money laundering, will not be covered under the Ramadan pardon, the Saudi Gazette reported.

Besides this, blasphemy, desecration of the Holy Quran, cases involving Ruqya offenses (offenses concerning treatment by recitation of verses of the Holy Quran) and those falsely claiming to be Ruqaat, will also not be pardoned. Also, pardon does not cover any offenses coming under “Hudood” (the limits ordained by Allah) on which verdicts have been issued.

The sources also stated that it is a crime to give shelter to people wanted for security offenses, besides offence linked to arms smuggling, assault on government officials or staff, doctors, nurses and paramedics, obtaining Saudi citizenship through illegal means, military crimes when in uniform.

Those who are involved in illicit real estate investments, financial corruption, forging of title deeds, documents and rubber stamps, bribery, forging currencies, disclosing openly one’s intention to commit sins, conning and deception, and issuing bad checks, will also not be pardoned under the annual pardon.

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