Pfizer seeks emergency approval for Covid-19 vaccine in India

Pfizer has applied for the Covid-19 vaccine’s emergency use authorization in India, media reports said on Sunday.

Pfizer India has therefore become the first pharmaceutical company to seek authorization for emergency use of its vaccine in India from the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) after obtaining similar authorizations from its parent company in the United Kingdom and Bahrain.

According to the Press Trust of India (PTI), Pfizer India submitted an application on December 4 to the DCGI seeking emergency use authorization (EUA) for its COVID-19 vaccine in India. 

The UK on Wednesday became the first country to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19, with the UK regulator Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) granting a temporary authorization for its emergency use.

Bahrain on Friday also announced that it has granted an EUA for the two-dose vaccine made by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech. The pharma company has already applied to the US FDA seeking EUA for the vaccine.

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