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Indian Police Clearance Is Mandatory For Saudi Work Visa

Indian Police Clearance Certificate is Mandatory for Saudi Work Visa Processing

Local media outlets report that the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Mumbai has issued an order requiring all travel agencies to submit Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) prior to the endorsement of any work visa.

According to the sources, the new rule will come into effect on August 22, 2022. PCCs will be issued by the Passport Offices in response to requests from the Police Stations.

In the Saudi Arabian Embassy in New Delhi, the norm of mandatory PCC has been in place for some time, and it was scheduled to be implemented in Mumbai.

The new rule is intended to ensure that only law-abiding prospective employees are permitted to work in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to the Passport Office, the State Police also issue police clearance certificates.

It’s important to note that all southern states, including Kerala, approach the Saudi Consulate in Mumbai for visa processing.

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