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Procedure to apply for return using ‘Awdah’ service in Absher

Saudi Arabia recently announced it will facilitate travel for expatriates who have an exit-reentry visa or final exit visa to return to their home countries in the midst of a continuing coronavirus outbreak. The new decision came in accordance with the order of King Salman, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

A new service in the Absher portal called “Awdah” allows all residents (both legal and violators) inside the kingdom to submit an application to return to their home countries electronically via the Absher portal.

Once the request is approved the travel procedures will be arranged.

Awdah Service in Absher

Follow the steps below,

  • Visit the Absher website: www.absher.sa
  • There is no need to log in to Absher to use the Awdah service.
  • Select the “Awdah Service” from the bottom of the screen.
Awdah Service, Absher, Awdah Saudi Arabia

Click on New Travel Request

Awdah Service, Absher, Saudi Arabia,

Once the application has been approved, you will be notified via SMS or you can also check the status through the Absher portal.

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