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List of Public Holidays in Saudi Arabia in 2022

Saudi Arabia Public Holidays 2022

The public holidays in Saudi Arabia 2022 include Founding Day, Eid-al-Fitr, Eid-al-Adha and National Day. One of the most important public holiday events is Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan. Firework displays and other celebrations are common in public holiday events in the kingdom. The following is a list of public holidays in Saudi Arabia in 2022.

DateWeekdayPublic HolidayObservance
Feb 22TuesdayFounding Day
April 26TuesdayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
April 27WednesdayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
April 28ThursdayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
April 29FridayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
April 30SaturdayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
May 1SundayEid-al-Fitr Holiday
May 2MondayEid-al-Fitr Holiday
May 3TuesdayEid-al-Fitr Holiday
May 4WednesdayEid-al-Fitr Holiday
May 5ThursdayEid-al-Fitr Holiday
May 6FridayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
July 4MondayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovernment
July 5TuesdayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovernment
July 6WednesdayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovernment
July 7ThursdayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovernment
July 8FridayEid-al-Adha Holiday
July 9SaturdayEid-al-Adha Holiday
July 10SundayEid-al-Adha Holiday
July 11MondayEid-al-Adha Holiday
July 12TuesdayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovernment
July 13WednesdayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovernment
Sep 23FridaySaudi National Day (Al-Yaom Al-Watany)

Please Note: Muslim festivals are determined by sightings of the new moon. Therefore, the dates of the holidays are subject to change, and we cannot guarantee their complete accuracy.

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