Reduction in Visit Visa Fees for Pakistanis Officially Confirmed

Saudi Arabia has officially confirmed a reduction in visiting visa fees for Pakistani nationals.

It has been one of the long-term demands of the Pakistani community living in Saudi Arabia since the kingdom reduced visiting visa fees for Indian nationals last year.

The reduction in the visiting visa fee has already been confirmed by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Islamabad, in an official statement.

The new fee is applicable from February 15, 2019. 

According to the report, the new 90 day single entry visa fee will be SR 338 and 180 days multiple entry visa fee will be SR 675, previously the fee was SR 2,000 for single entry and SR 3,000 for 180 days multiple entry visa: How to Reset Sehhaty App Password

However, it is not clear if any changes in one year and two years of multiple entry visas.

The newly reduced visa fee was announced ahead of the first official state visit of Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman to Pakistan, beginning today.

This positive move will be highly beneficial for hundreds of thousands of Pakistani nationals working in the Kingdom to bring in their family members on visiting visas.

The government of Pakistan has already decreased visa fees for Saudi nationals in December 2018.