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All Retail Shops Will Be Asked to Set Up Points of Sale

The Ministry of Commerce and Investments is finalizing a plan to make it obligatory for shops and commercial establishments to introduce points of sale in a bid to contain or at least minimize the practice of tasattur, where foreigners carry out business operations in the name of Saudis in return for a fixed fee. Recommended: Shop’s 9PM closure will affect business and jobs-study

Business daily Al-Eqtisadiah reported on Wednesday quoting ministry sources that the plan would be announced in four weeks and will be applied before the end of the year.

The sources said the commitment of commercial establishments to introduce points of sale will be executed in phases starting with big entities such as malls and shopping centers and going down to small and medium shops. Related: Grocery stores will be 100% Saudized

According to the sources, the bulk of the tasattur takes place in the retail sector, followed by the contracting sector.

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