Riyadh Bus Project


It is a mass public transportation project, designed along with Riyadh Metro, which includes 1,000 buses with a capacity of transporting 900,000 passengers a day. The transport network will consist of 22 routes covering about 1,200 km all over the city. The bus network will be the main feeder of the Riyadh metro network. It will also be the main means of transportation within and among Riyadh districts. The bus routes were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Integration with the metro network.
  • Compatibility with the city’s architectural plans and future expansions.
  • Linking business and commercial centers to Riyadh districts.
  • Reduction of car traffic on the roads and streets.
  • Curtailment of environmental pollution and energy consumption.
  • Minimization of the time wasted in traffic.


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