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Riyadh Police Foiled a Major Currency Fraud

Riyadh police announced that they are foild a major fraud operation by a gang of six who were offering SR40 million in exchange for fake US dollar bills, it was reported in Okaz newspaper.

As part of the national campaign carrying the motto “a homeland without a violator,” police received information about a gang of counterfeiters’ secret plan to exchange counterfeit dollars for SR40 million.

The security departments laid down a plan to monitor the secret deal by planting clandestine informers among the suspects. Police also got information that the fraudsters planned to meet buyers at a villa located west of Riyadh city.

In the operation, police arrested three Saudis, a Yemeni and an Eritrean. They were carrying four boxes of currencies claiming to contain SR40 million.

Police found that about SR 12,000 were distributed in the category of SR500 in the upper deck and below there were paper cuttings at the size currency bills.