20% Saudization on engineering jobs in the private sector

Saudi Arabia has decided to Saudize 20% engineering jobs in the private sector effective from the beginning of 2021.

Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Eng. Ahmed Al Rajhi has announced a decision to localize 20% of engineering jobs in private sector enterprises with a minimum wage.

The minimum wage for Saudi employees will be 7000 riyals, the minister added.

This decision applies to all private sector establishments with five or more employees in engineering professions.

The ministry said the decision aims to provide 7,000 jobs for Saudi engineers, which cover all engineers looking for jobs, and their number is currently close to 5,000.

He added that the percentage also covers graduates who are expected to graduate over the next few years.

The ministry said the percentage will be increased annually, in line with the size of graduates each year.

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