RamadanSaudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia announces Ramadan to start on Friday, April 24

According to the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia, the first day of the holy month of Ramadan falls on Friday corresponding to April 24, 2020, the Royal Court announced in a statement tonight.

According to the Islamic calendar, the Arabic month comprises 29 or 30 days depending on the moonsighting.

Ramadan is usually observed for 29 or 30 days; the end date will be announced by the moon-sighting committee upon sighting the crescent moon of Shawwal — marking Eid Al Fitr.

This year, as a result of the spread of the COIVD-19 pandemic, Muslims will observe a Ramadan like none before. Congregational and Taraweeh prayers will be performed at home as mosques and places of worship will continue to shut their doors for the safety of the people throughout the month.