Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia arrests dozens in SR11.6 billion corruption case

Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption authority (Nazaha) has arrested dozens of suspects over a corruption case worth 11.59 billion riyals, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Wednesday.

Thirty-two people were arrested as part of a corruption investigation into the transfer of SR11.59 billion from the Kingdom.

The Anti-Corruption Authority has cooperated with the Saudi Central Bank in investigating a case involving many bank employees receiving bribes from an organized gang for depositing cash from unknown sources and then transferring them outside the Kingdom, the report said.

Authorities arrested five residents while heading to a bank to deposit over 9.7 million Saudi riyals, seven businessmen, a police officer, 12 bank employees, and seven other individuals for their involvement in bribery, forgery, and money laundering.

Saudi Arabia has been fighting against corruption in the last few years as part of the efforts to protect its economy.

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