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Saudi Arabia extends amnesty period for another 30 days

Saudi Arabia extended the Amnesty period by 30 days, allowing residency and labor law violators to leave without penalty, according to the Kingdom’s state news agency.

The extension is from June 25, 2017, or 1 Shawwal 1438 in the Hijri calendar.

The General Directorate of Passports said the grace period under the “A Nation Without Violations” campaign would be extended for people of all nationalities, effective from last Sunday.

The initial grace period was 90 days, starting on March 29, 2017. It allowed expats in violation of the rules to leave the Kingdom without being subject to fines or being blocked from reentering the Kingdom legally.

The 30-day extension is in line with directives of Minister of Interior Prince Abdul Aziz bin Saud bin Naif, according to Director General of Passports Maj. Gen. Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Yahya, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Al-Yahya urged all expats in violation of the rules who were not able to benefit from the previous grace period, as well as those who completed their departure procedures during the previous period but were not able to depart, to immediately visit one of the reception centers to complete the necessary proceedings.

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