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Saudi Arabia limits the proportion of workers from certain countries

Saudi Arabia limits the proportion of workers from some countries in private firms. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Developments (HRSD)’s Qiwa portal has codified the percentage of workers of certain nationalities who are entitled to work in private sector establishments, the local media reported.

According to the report, an establishment is only permitted to employ Indian workers up to 40% of its total workforce. The same percentage applies to Bangladeshi workers as well. At the same time, the maximum limit of Yemeni workers is 25%.

Some businesses have already received official emails regarding the percentage system, the report said.

Additionally, the Qiwa portal clarified that if an establishment’s workforce exceeds the specified percentage, the establishment will be allowed to issue and renew work permits and Iqamas of its workers. However, the issuance of new visas and the transfer of additional workers of the same nationality to the firm will be restricted.


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