Sehhaty app now allows users to select their preferred vaccine

Users can now select their preferred COVID-19 vaccine via the Sehhaty app.

Saudi citizens and residents can now select their preferred coronavirus vaccine when booking appointments through the Sehhaty application.

The app‘s recent update now allows users to know what vaccine is giving at each vaccination facility throughout Kingdom. It also shows each registered vaccine carrying a barcode in different colors.

Users can now select their preferred vaccine via the Sehhaty app.

On July 11, Saudi Arabia resumed administering the second dose of coronavirus vaccine to all age groups in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia’s health ministry reaffirmed on Tuesday the safety of vaccine mixing approved in the Kingdom as it is based on international research and findings from specialized research committees. The ministry stated that this procedure had been approved by the World Health Organization and relevant authorities in many countries worldwide. Related: How to update mobile number in Sehhaty app

Over 20 million vaccine doses have been administrated so far in Saudi Arabia via over 587 vaccination centers located throughout the Kingdom.

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