Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Population Crosses 32m

Saudi Arabia is the largest and most populous country in the Gulf region.

Official figures indicate Saudi citizens make up 62.69 percent of the 32,552,336 people who live in Saudi Arabia.

The 2017 figures released by the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) show that the total population increased by 2.52 percent over 2016 when the kingdom was home to 31,742,308 Saudis and foreigners.

Males made up 57.48 percent of the total population in 2017 while females constituted the remaining 42.52 percent. The presence of thousands of single foreign men working in the kingdom explains the gap in the gender numbers. In 2016, men were 57.44 percent and women 42.56 percent.

The number of Saudi nationals in 2017 was 20,408,362, an increase of 343,392 over 2016 when they were 20,064,970.

Men slightly outnumbered women, accounting for 50.94 percent of the Saudi population. The figures had marginally changed from 2016 when men constituted 50.96 percent and women 49.04 percent of the local population.