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Saudi Arabia suspends domestic flights, trains, buses, and taxis from tomorrow for 2 weeks

Saudi Arabia has decided to suspend all domestic flights, trains, buses, and taxis for 14 days as a precautionary measure to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, an Interior Ministry official told the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The new measure will take effect at 6:00 AM on Saturday 21 March 2020 as part of the Kingdom’s ongoing efforts to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

However, flights for humanitarian assistance, medical evacuations as well as private flights are excluded under the new rules.

The new decision will not affect the transportation associated with health services, food, and water, as well as cargo ships and freights, however, precautions and extra health measures will be taken in accordance with the recommendations of the health ministry, SPA reported.

So far today there have been 274 coronavirus cases reported in the kingdom.