Saudi Arabia to localize six major sectors

Saudi Arabia announced on Sunday a decision to localize six major sectors in order to create 40,000 new jobs for Saudi citizens. Legal consulting, law offices, customs clearance, real estate activities, cinema sector, driving schools, and technical and engineering professions are among these professions and activities.

The Minister of HRSD, Eng. Ahmed Al Rajhi stated that the ministry’s plan for this year is to create more than 203,000 jobs. He noted that the new ministerial decisions continue the ministry’s strategy to enable Saudi cadres to obtain good jobs and a favorable work environment that aids in recruiting more Saudi sons and daughters for work in the private sector, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The minister referred to the partners in various entities who worked in complete harmony and fruitful cooperation with the ministry to organize and develop the labor market and improve its efficiency and productivity.

It is noteworthy that since the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) has issued several decisions concerning the Saudization of different sectors, and that has included the Saudization of malls, restaurants and cafes, central catering markets, and educational professions in the private sector.

The ministry issued Saudization decisions to assist establishments and job seekers according to established mechanisms and time frames and target specific professions in critical sectors such as dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, and accounting.

It includes specific jobs requiring leadership and supervision, long-term growth and development jobs, and jobs requiring advanced technical skills.

These decisions help increase the participation of national cadres in the Saudi labor market and provide more qualitative and stable job opportunities for young Saudi men and women.

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