Saudi Arabia, UAE Joint Visa Soon

Saudi Arabia and the UAE to issue joint visas that enable visitors to the UAE to visit Saudi Arabia and vice versa, said Sultan Al-Mansoori, Minister of the economy of the United Arab Emirates.

The new joint visa is expected to launch by 2020. Mansoori said this is among the initiatives that have been developed and approved by the concerned authorities.

“Officials from UAE and Saudi Arabia are currently holding joint meetings to work out the regulations for implementing this initiative,” he added.

He stressed that the initiative would contribute to increasing the volume of flight services between the two countries. Currently, the number of flights is not sufficient and we need to double it.

As per Al-Mansoori, the new initiative will benefit national companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and will give a much stronger boost to cooperation and coordination between them. It will also improve the tourism sector as well as airports and hotels.