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Saudi Arabia warns citizens and residents against hiring infiltrated maids during Ramadan

Anyone who employs infiltrated maids during Ramadan faces a fine of up to one million riyals and two years in prison, says lawyer Nayef Al-Morshedy., Ajel news reported.

During an interview with Al-Risala TV, Al-Morshedy said: “Last Friday, the official Umm Al-Qura newspaper published a royal order stating that anyone who infiltrated the country or enabled him to work would be punished with a two-year prison sentence and a fine of up to SR 1 million.”

Al-Morshedy explained, “The infiltrator is the person who does not hold a residency or the one who obtained a forged residency if he officially registered his entry into the Kingdom, and the citizens and residents who employ these people with him face the punishment mentioned above.”

“Saudi Arabia usually witnesses a spike in infiltrators during Ramadan,” Al-Morshidi added.

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