Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco announces local gasoline prices for August

Saudi Aramco has announced its updated domestic gasoline prices, which will be effective on Tuesday, August 11.

Aramco hiked Gasoline-91 price to SR 1.43 per liter for August from SR 1.29 per liter in July. It also increased Gasoline-95 prices to SR 1.60 per liter from SR 1.44 per liter in July.

The price of diesel for August will be SR 0.52 per liter and Kerosine SR 0.70 per liter.

The company said starting in February 2020, domestic gasoline prices will be updated monthly on the 10th day of every month. The new prices will come into effect on the following day.

Local gasoline prices are subject to change, depending on the Kingdom’s export prices to international markets, Aramco added.