Saudi Central Bank Issues 200 Riyal Banknote on the Occasion of 5th Anniversary of the Launch of “Vision 2030”

The Saudi Central Bank has announced the issue of Two Hundred Saudi Riyal Banknote on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the launch of the Kingdom’s “Vision2030”.

The new two-hundred Saudi Riyal banknotes will enter circulation on Sunday, April 25, 2021, alongside other current banknotes in all denominations as official legal tender.

According to the Central Bank, the new Two-Hundred Riyals denomination used the latest banknote printing standards.

The new denomination is characterized by a variety of technical specifications, high-quality security features, a distinctive design, and vibrant colors that emphasize the denomination’s design.

The new banknote is grey in color and features a portrait of founder King Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 logo in 3D design, the Saudi Central Bank’s name, and the banknote’s value in Arabic letters and numbers on the front.

The backside of the banknote carries an image of “Qasr Al Hukm” in Riyadh City, the Saudi Central Bank name, and the banknote value in the English letters and numbers.