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Saudi Customs: No taxes on new personal belongings worth less than SR 3,000

Saudi Customs has clarified that travelers arriving in Saudi Arabia will not have to pay customs duty on new personal belongings if they are worth less than SR 3,000 ($800).

However, the limit for personal shipments is SR 1,000, including shipping fees, local media reported.

Saudi Customs said in a Tweet on Tuesday that a 15 percent value-added tax (VAT) is imposed on imported goods.

It stated that students returning from abroad will be exempt from paying taxes on used household furniture and personal belongings if proof of college attendance is provided.

In response to a citizen’s question about importing a car from the UAE, Saudi Customs explained that cars manufactured in 2016 and afterward are allowed to be imported from UAE to Saudi Arabia, if they follow local specifications and standards and the fuel economy standard. Tax will be applied at 5 percent of the vehicle’s value, in addition to 15 percent VAT.

The 15 percent VAT rate also applies to goods imported from other Gulf states, in addition to shipping fees, customs fees, and any additional charges until the introduction of the electronic services system among the Gulf states, Saudi Customs said.

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