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Saudi Women Paid Over Sr 900,000 to Blackmailer

A Saudi married woman residing in Riyadh had to pay more than SR 900,000 over fourteen years (168 months) to a man who kept blackmailing her – just to buy his silence.

The culprit tricked the woman into giving him her photos when she was still a high school student, promising to marry her.

The man kept asking her for a date before blackmailing her for money when she refused to go out with him.

He forced her to hand him her visa car so that he can withdraw her university scholarship over four years.

After graduating from the university, she got a teaching job and got married, thinking that her nightmare has ended.

She was wrong as her old acquaintance started blackmailing her, threatening to tell her husband and family.

She once again bowed to his threats and handed him her ATM card, enabling him to withdraw her salaries, allowances, and bonuses for another ten years.

The woman’s tragic story, which was reported by Al-Arabiya Channel, was cited in a book on blackmailing, written by Shaikh Abdulrahman Al-Mesnad, president of the

Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice

Source: Albilad News

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