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Saudization Inspections Will Begin From 11th September

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) appoints 200 inspectors in all regions of the Kingdom to follow up on the implementation of its decision restricting work to Saudis in outlets of 12 activities and occupations from the new Hijri year (Muharram 01), 11th September.

Earlier Ministry announced a ban on expatriates for working in 12 business sectors. These businesses includes watch shops, optical stores, medical equipment stores, electrical and electronics shops, outlets selling car spare parts, building material shops, outlets selling all types of carpets, automobile and mobile phone shops, shops selling home furniture and ready-made office material, sales outlets of ready-made garments, children clothes and men’s supplies, household utensils shops and pastry shops.

Initially, the Ministry has announced a 100% ban on expatriates from working in these sectors, but then ministry reduced to 70%.

Inspection teams have completed preparations to implement the decision to Saudize 70% of sales outlets for 12 activities.

The ministry has approved guidelines that streamline its decision to nationalize 12 activities in the retail sector.

The guideline provides details about sales jobs exclusive to Saudi men and women in the retail sector, general conditions, the programs offered by the ministry and its affiliated entities.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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