STC- Sawa added new two recharge cards of SR 15 and SR 25

Here are the SAWA Recharge Cards and Prices

Sawa 15 Recharge card15.75 SR7 Days
Sawa 20 Recharge card21 SR30 Days
Sawa 25 Recharge card26.25 SR30 Days
Sawa 30 Recharge card31.5 SR45 Days
Sawa 50 Recharge card52.5 SR60 Days
Sawa 100 Recharge card105 SR120 Days
Sawa 200 Recharge card210 SR150 Days
Sawa 300 Recharge card315 SR300 Days

How to Recharge STC – SAWA

Enter *155* recharge card number #, then press ‘call’

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