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SEC Accepts Half Payments for Electricity Bills

Half Payments for Saudi Electricity Bills

The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) allows its customers to pay half of the electricity bill amount at a time and the rest can be paid the following month.

The bill amount can be paid on any of the following channels,

  • ATM
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Apps
  • POS Machines installed at Customer Service Offices
  • Through a Cheque leaf


Fixed Bills Service

The SEC allows paying a predetermined monthly fixed rate on the basis of your previous year’s usage.

Year end, based on the average monthly consumption a financial settlement will be carried out between customer and SEC to calculate net payable amount due and payable to SEC or the customer.

The SEC Fixed Bills service can be activated through any one of the following channels.

  • From the website (https;//
  • SEC customer service offices near you
  • Customer service number 920001100

Advance Payment Service

Now you can also pay in advance for your electricity bills before going on vacation.

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