Shoura Rejects the Proposal of Expats Remittance Tax

Shoura Council of the Saudi Arabia has rejected the proposal of tax on expat remittances after the statement of Finance ministry, 73% percent of Shoura council members refused the proposal of tax on expatriate remittances without discussing.

Earlier Finance ministry official said Kingdom will not agree with any tax plan on money flow for transferring from Saudi Arabia to any different country, KSA provided full freedom to move the money reported Saudi Gazette.

Out of 119 Shoura members, 86 members rejected the plan without discussing saying it may effect the Saudi economy, while 33 Shoura council members voted for supporting the plan of tax on expats remittance.

As per the majority of votes, The proposal of 6% tax on remittances of expats is withdrawn by the financial committee, Earlier also it was rejected and proposed to study later.

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