The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) will be fined SR 3,000 per employee in any private enterprise for not giving its workers monthly salaries on time.

The company will be fined SR 10,000 for each employee in case the end of service benefits delay by a maximum period of two weeks.

The report also states that private companies will get a fine if they pay their workers in currencies other than Saudi riyals.

There will be a fine of SR 25,000 if establishments fail to allocate specific workplaces for women and SR20,000 if they do not provide enough security guards.

The company will be fined an SR 15,000 if it employs less than two women in each shift. Also, the same amount if the company does not have emergency exits and rescue equipment, including fire extinguishers.

Hefty fines apply to any firms that employ workers without written or documented work contracts.

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Syed Raziuddin

I didn’t receive my salary since 5 months , what should I do now?


Since five months I am waiting for my EOS amount.

Mohammad Aamir

I have my 7 month salaries pending with Azmeel Contracting Company and I don’t know how it’s Nitaqat is in green color lot of my colleagues make case against Company more then year ago and still nothing happened.
Can anyone guide me what to do.
Your Suggestions will be highly appreciated thanks

Dahs Akrz

Please monitor this company
IC ICTAS – RTCC Joint Venture
Always delaying salary up to this date.