STC 5g Data Packages and Prices-2020

STC Quicknet 5G Packages

Here are the latest STC Quicknet 5G Data Prepaid and Postpaid Packages,

STC Quicknet 5G Prepaid Packages

200 GB SR 3602 MonthsSend 2732 to 900
500 GBSR 8003 MonthsSend 2733 to 900

STC Quicknet 5G Postpaid Packages

100 GBSR 180/ monthSend 2909 to 900
UnlimitedSR 350 / monthSend 2911 to 900

To experience the 5G network, customers are required to have a 5G router which can be purchased at a cash price or by an installment program through the selected STC outlets.

STC Huawei 5G Router

Currently, 5G network coverage is limited to specific locations. Click here to check the coverage map.

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