Saudi Arabia

Ten Private Companies Restrict 251 Jobs to Saudis

Ten private sector companies have restricted 251 managerial and technical jobs to Saudi men and women, holders of bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and secondary school certificates.


The Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) said that personal interviews will be conducted with Saudi applicants from tomorrow, Monday, until Thursday at the companies’ premises.


Vacancies are open for training supervisors, electricians, receptionists, salesmen and saleswomen, accountants, computer technicians, food and beverage supervisors, front desk employees, female human resource in-charge, systems development managers and internal auditors.


The list of jobs also includes perfumes and cosmetics saleswomen, civil works engineers, electrical field works engineers, pump operators, water and gas plant operators, external gas pipeline and gas distribution station supervisors, operators for boilers, air compressors and coolers, electricity maintenance and repair technicians, air-conditioning technicians, mechanics’ supervisors, aluminum and iron works technicians and others.


Mohammed Ameen is a blogger and SEO specialist with more than ten years of living experience in the Middle East. He has a postgraduate degree in business administration and is passionate about blogging and travelling.
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