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The World’s Most And Least Powerful Passports In 2021

There are many countries that have passports that allow their citizens to visit many other countries without needing any visa to gain access. Besides that, many countries have also implemented COVID-19 restrictions in order to decrease the spread. Countries with a lower passport rank have decided to not implement any methods to stop the spread.

To come to the conclusion of which passport is the most and least powerful, a report known as the Henley Passport Index is analyzed, which is based on numbers obtained from the International Air Transport Association.

It is also seen that regardless of Singapore and Japan both having the strongest passport with no visa requirements for more than 190 countries. In comparison, Afghanistan only allows its citizens access to less than 30 countries despite the number of restrictions currently being upheld due to the COVID pandemic.

Regardless of Japan is ranked high among other countries for traveling to other countries without the need of a visa, the country continues to hold bans in place in order to stop COVID from spreading.

Besides that being known, it was emphasized that although Germany is listed second for not needing a visa and allowed 190 other countries access, the country continues to ban close to 100 other nations due to the COVID-19

Opposite of that we have Egypt, which is listed with 97 and currently is restriction-free for travel to the country. However, the number of countries its citizens can visit is limited to only 51.

Listed with 77 destinations in Kenya, which also has no restrictions for the COVID. However, its citizens are only able to gain entry to 72 other nations that do not require a visa prior to travel.

For countries located in the northern hemisphere and with high ranks also enforce more restrictions than other nations due to the COVID-19. Opposite of that, other nations have made their restrictions more relaxed aLthough they have a lower rank for travel destinations.

The Henley Index shows a huge difference in the amount of freedom there is for travel when restrictions are in place. This is even true for persons who have been fully immunized and even when returning from countries with a low rank they are still restricted from traveling to many countries.

It is suggested that many of the measures that are in place to help prevent the spread of the virus are also taking place to permit containment of mobility stemming from the southern hemisphere.

It is believed that the reasoning that is causing the many requirements for travel, that many in the southern hemisphere face, is not a direct result of infections or vaccinations, which is only needing to quarantine regardless of being vaccinated.

It is obvious that the Northern hemisphere continues to impose a heavy amount of measures to prevent any migratory actions for a while now. These are conducted by closing the border, which will reduce the number of persons moving from one area to another. Having a reduced amount of travel related to the COVID-19 has begun to be added to the existing tools for migration purposes, which the northern hemisphere currently employs to prevent the southern hemisphere from moving around.

What also needs to be stressed is that the restrictive measures in place around the world continue to bring about strain to nations as they head toward a normal way of life again.

Both movement and migration will remain an important factor in how the development and economy of the European Union move forward. This is true even if there are not many skills available throughout the nations.

With the COVID-19 and other strains, they continue to create doubt in regards to the economy and whether it will flourish once again.


Mohammed Ameen is an expatriate blogger who loves sharing his experiences of living and working in the Gulf countries.
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