Those who received covid-19 vaccine in good health: Health Ministry

Health Ministry spokesman Dr Muhammad Al-Abdel Ali confirmed through the ministry’s official Twitter account that all those who received the coronavirus vaccine are in good health. He said all citizens and expatriates who received the vaccine had not shown any unexpected symptoms.

The Health Ministry urged everyone to register for vaccination through the ‘Sehhaty’ app. The vaccine is available to citizens and expatriates free of charge.

There is a priority for some groups at the initial stage, including those over the age of 65 and those with chronic diseases and workers in occupations that expose them to a higher risk of infection, especially health workers, the spokesman added.

The spokesman explained that anyone who has a mild allergy could receive the vaccine, and for those who have chronic, severe and hypersensitive allergic symptoms, it is not recommended to take the vaccine.

He also said coronavirus and vaccine information shall only be taken from the ministry’s official sources and should not be believed in rumours.

Saudi Gazette

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