The Truth Behind Splattered Blood Near Kaaba in Makkah

Pictures showing blood on the marble tiles near Kaaba circulated on social media on Saturday. The social media post claimed that the photo was from an incident that occurred in front of Kaaba.

Special forces for the security of the Grand Mosque in Makkah have denied reports of an incident next to Kaaba, the sacred site towards which Muslims orient themselves during the five daily prayers.

Sameh Al Selmi, a spokesperson for the Special Forces, said the picture was not recent.

“It is an old picture and it was taken after an African pilgrim in his 50s was injured to his leg after he slipped as large crowds were circumambulating the Kaaba,” he said, as quoted by Saudi news site Sabq.

“The injured pilgrim was given first aid treatment on the spot before he was taken to the nearby Ajyah Hospital,” he said.

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