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UAE Announces Free 48-Hour Transit Visa

Passengers traveling via the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to different parts of the world will now get free 48-hour transit visa as per the new decision was taken by the UAE government.

According to news reports, transit passengers will be able to avail free visa for 48 hours; people willing to spend more time in the country can extend the visa by up to 96 hours by paying just 50 Dirhams. However, this new visa policy is yet to be brought into practice.

The government also announced that a number of the express counter at the passport-control hall across UAE airports will be set up for obtaining a quick transit visa.

Reportedly, this move has been taken by the UAE government to lure more and more Indian travelers to its shores in order to increase the revenue generated from tourism.

Besides transit visa, UAE has also announced a number of changes in its Visa rules. UAE has approved new visa rules including a review of the current residency system to allow a two-year extension of the residency period for the dependents of their parents after finishing their university studies.

In other major visa-related decisions, UAE has introduced a new 6-month visa for job seekers who overstayed their visa but wish to work in the country. Further, visa can now be renewed without leaving the country by paying a fee.