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UAE Men With Two Wives Will Get Housing Allowance

In a move to reduce the number of unmarried women in the country, the UAE authorities have decided to grant housing allowance to Emirati men who have two wives.

The UAE Minister of Infrastructure Development, Dr Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, made the announcement at the Federal National Council session on Wednesday that the ministry has made the decision to grant housing allowance from The Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme for second wives, as with the first wives of Emirati men.

“The second wife should be provided with the same living arrangements as the first wife,” said the minister.

Members at the FNC session said housing allowance will help decrease the number of unmarried women in the UAE.

“The ministry should simplify the procedure for a man to marry a second woman, by providing him with housing opportunities, which will also solve the problem with spinsterhood,” said FNC member, Hamad Al Rahoomi.

Members thus argued that by solving housing issues, authorities will also help solve weakening in social structure, as high housing costs make it difficult for men to marry more than one wife at a time.


Source: Khaleej Times