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Update Iqama with NCB / Bank AlAhli

Update Your Iqama Expiry Date without Visiting the Branch

You can now update your iqama expiration date via AlAhliOnline or AlAhliMobile without visiting a branch. Iqama cardholders can update their ID expiration date from any location and at any time. Prior to the expiration of the ID, the bank will be notified via AlAhliOnline or AlAhliMobile to avoid account freezing.

Both NCB and Quickpay Account Holders can use this service.

How do I update it?

  • Get your new iqama expiry date from the Absher website.
  • Login to AlAhli Online
  • Goto Profile Settings>> My Information

Click on Update ID Expiry

Enter your new Hijri expiry date (you can use Gregorian Hijri converter to convert the date)  Similar: How to open a new bank account with Al Rajhi bank online

Click on confirm and complete. No need for any further action or visit to branches.

AlAhli Online Registration

You can register with AlAhliOnline by visiting its website:

Registration is simple: simply enter your Iqama and ATM Card numbers and wait for an SMS confirmation (OTP).

Enter the code and complete the registration by creating a username and password.

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