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Updated List of Traffic Violations and Penalties in Saudi Arabia (2020)

Here is the latest list of traffic violations and penaties, according to the MOI Website.

Violations Table -1 (Panalty between SR 500 and SR 900)

  • Driving a vehicle without a driver’s licence
  • Driving a vehicle without a back plate (vehicles will be kept in custody until settlement of violation)
  • Driving in the opposite direction
  • Moving fast and recklessly between vehicles on public roads
  • Exceeding the speed limit by more than 25 klm/h
  • Overtaking vehicles in curves and uphills
  • Uncovering and untying transported loads
  • Non-stopping completely at the stop signal
  • Do not stop at the signal driving priority ahead if there are vehicles moving on a priority road
  • Allowing no priority for vehicles moving on the right side when they reach the intersection where there are equal movement priorities, when there are no priority signals
  • Allowing no priority for the movement of vehicles on the main road if there are no priority signals
  • Violating traffic police hand signals while organizing traffic and not giving his hand signals priority to traffic lights
  • Allowing no priority for movement of vehicles in a roundabout by the vehicles outside it in the absence of light signals or traffic policemen who organize traffic
  • Endangering lives by driving a vehicle without breaks or necessary equipment (vehicles will be kept in custody until settlement of violation)
  • Not using necessary lights at night or while driving in bad weather conditions
  • Driving vehicles inside tunnels without lights

Violations Table -2 (Panalty between SR 300 and SR 500)

  • Make additional amendments to the vehicle’s body without following proper procedures (vehicles will be kept in custody until settlement of violation)
  • Driving a vehicle that pollutes the environment on public roads (vehicles will be kept in custody until violation is settled)
  • Exceeding the speed limit by not more than 25 klm/h
  • Not complying with traffic regulations at road intersections
  • Use of vehicles for unlicenced purposes
  • Seating passengers in vehicles in places other than those specified for them
  • Non complying with road-limits marked on the lanes
  • Leaving objects on public roads that endanger public safety
  • Allowing no movement priority for VIP or emergency vehicles
  • Using an expired licence

Violations Table -3 (Panalty between SR 150 and SR 300)

  • Not equipping trailers as required by regulations
  • Not presenting the vehicle for periodic technical inspection
  • Infringing rules by using strong lights
  • Not following the precautions required when parking on public roads in emergencies
  • Putting bars inside the vehicle to prevent driver vision
  • Driving without carrying the driving licence or vehicle registration licence
  • Leaving the vehicle on a sloped road without taking necessary precautions
  • Violating rules for driving on roads
  • Not wearing seat belts
  • Non-use of safe seats for children
  • Defying priority rules
  • Using a mobile phone while driving
  • Misusing a vehicle’s horn
  • Driving within lanes not intended for driving
  • When animal owners do not keep their animals off the road

Violations Table -4 (Panalty between SR 100 and SR 150)

  • Leaving vehicles on public roads in unauthorised areas unnecessarily
  • Throwing any objects outside the vehicle while it is moving
  • Driving a vehicle without front plate numbers
  • Get off or ride into a vehicle while it is moving
  • Pedestrians crossing roads from places other than those allocated for them
  • Pedestrians’ non-compliance with signals defined for them
  • Slowing down driving in a manner that impedes smooth flow of traffic
  • Parking in places not specified for parking
  • Parking in places defined for persons with special needs if you are not from that category
  • Not focusing on the road while driving
  • Absence of an insurance policy

Violations Table -5 (Panalty between SR 1000 and SR 2000)

  • Stopping on railways
  • Carrying passengers whose number is higher than the number stipulated in the licence
  • Refusing to present driver’s or vehicle’s identifying papers when required by authorized persons
  • Not preserving the vehicle’s plate number
  • Non-completion of transfer of vehicle ownership
  • Non-completion of vehicle use domain
  • Exceeding time limits set for exporting a vehicle prepared for export
  • Not wearing a helmet when riding a motorbike

Violations Table -6 (Panalty between SR 3000 and SR 6000)

  • Driving a vehicle without plates (vehicles will be kept in custody until settlement of violation)
  • Using forged registration plates (vehicles will be taken into custody until removal of violation)
  • Using illegal plates (vehicles will be kept in custody until settlement of violation)
  • Fixing equipment on vehicles like those used in official and emergency vehicles (vehicles will be kept in custody until violation is settled)
  • Not stopping while the red traffic light was on
  • Overtaking school buses when they stop to load or unload
  • Driving public works vehicles (industrial, constructional, or agricultural) on road without taking proper precautions to avoid their negative effects (vehicles will be kept in custody until violation is settled)
  • Tampering with traffic regulating signs
  • Do not stop at check points when there is a check point sign
  • Using unauthorised devices inside the vehicle or fixing logos or posters contrary to public morals

Violations Table -7 (Panalty between SR 5000 and SR 10000)

  • Concealing or trying to conceal or blur the special features of the vehicle (vehicles will be kept in custody until violation is settled)
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine which was warned not to drive if taken
  • Carrying out road-works before notifying the relevant authorities






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